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    ABVI Helps Restore Woman’s Faith in Humanity

    Stories ON Feb 10, 2011

    Eight years ago, Betty Grice’s life changed in the blink of an eye.

    She was sitting at work in front of her computer when suddenly her vision failed. Her eyes reddened and almost completely swelled shut. Betty met with multiple eye doctors who were unable to give her any solid answers about why she suddenly lost her vision.

    Betty was diagnosed with sarcidosis, a chronic immunodeficiency disease that attacks the body’s organs. In Betty’s case, the disease struck her eyes. After the diagnosis, Betty’s journey took several tough turns, including the loss of her job.

    That’s when she decided to make a change. She moved down south to live with her sister. While attempting to start a new life, Betty again experienced deterioration in her vision and was told that soon it would be completely gone.

    Betty, facing the news that she may never see again, decided to return to the Rochester area and seek out a vision specialist with the expertise to help her. She found an eye doctor who performed a series of surgeries that restored partial vision. After the surgery Betty was referred to ABVI for Vision Rehabilitation and Career and Training services.

    At ABVI, Betty participated in computer and adaptive technology training and was supported in finding a job. She briefly worked in the agency’s sewing department before transitioning to the Contact Center. She has been able to utilize her previous experience to excel in her position at the Contact Center.

    Betty attributes her renewed passion for life and ability to function so successfully to her experience with ABVI.

    “I didn’t think I’d ever see another sunny day. I was ashamed to ask for help. I was in denial of my situation,” says Betty. “ABVI saved my life. The people here helped restore my hope and faith in humanity.”


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